A world of luxury and supreme quality

With Soul in Canada

Inspired by the spirit of Canadian cosmopolitan living, we elevate your bedroom decor with timeless designs that match the rhythm of your day-to-day life, ensuring truly invigorating nights.

Expertly Crafted in Portugal

Rooted in the heart of the textile industry, brands like Amalia Home Collection and Abyss Habidecor bring the rich tradition of needle and fabric to the most intimate spaces of your home with the world's finest bath and bed linen.

Luxurious as Italy

Finest fibres and premium weaving techniques. Our inspiration from sumptuous Italian culture graces the world's luxurious homes, elevating your dreams. Feel the luxury on your skin with Sferra and more high-quality brands.

Premium Fabrics

Egyptian Cotton

The most premium and rare fibre. Egyptian Cotton stands out for its nobility and durability due to its extra-long fibres. Its carefully hand-picked flowers and exceptional properties yield super-soft, smooth, durable linens that will last a lifetime.


As a natural fibre, it lends super breathable bedding with a delightful silky touch. Its natural origin ensures temperature-regulating properties, super softness, and absorbency—ideal for year-round comfort.


Produced from beech trees, which results in super breathable fabrics that provide a dry and invigorating rest. Extra resistant and easy to care for, Micromodal bedding is a must-have, especially for the Summer.


A super eco-friendly fibre that gives off a rustic look, perfect for a laid-back style. Given the porosity of this botanical fibre, linen bedding is super fresh, adapting to body temperature, a must-have for Summer.


A classic weaving technique with a vertical yarn over a horizontal yarn, crafting super-resistant, durable, and soft fabrics. The refined surface of Percale bedding adds a touch of sophistication to create an effortlessly elegant bedroom.


Crafted for a 5-star hotel experience, this fabric features a stitch pattern where horizontal threads intertwine with vertical threads. This structure gives the fabric a “buttery”, offering a soft touch that works magic on both skin and hair.



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