Turn your bedroom into a cocoon of comfort and luxury. From the best brands and fibres for your bedroom, start enjoying a peaceful and comfortable sleep without giving up luxury and elegance. Delight in the colours and textures that match any room.

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      Types of Bedding

      Fitted Sheet: This sheet should cover the mattress and mattress topper, providing a soft surface to lie on. Deep corner pockets have a little extra wiggle room for thicker mattresses.

      Flat Sheet: A staple of any bedding set, flat sheets are the first layer you can use to cover yourself as you sleep. Choose your sheet fabric based on temperature - Cotton and Linen are warm yet lightweight, ideal for Summer, while sateen and flannel are cozier for Winter.

      Duvet: A essential piece that provides warmth and comfort while sleeping. Our duvets help regulate body temperature and keep you warm. The insulation provided by the filling material traps air and retains body heat, creating a cozy and comfortable sleeping environment.

      Blanket: Blankets are a necessity in guest rooms—you never know what a guest's sleeping needs are, and they're an easy way to layer up if your home is too cold for their comfort. Because it doesn't have a filling, a blanket is much more lightweight than a duvet and is easy to store in a linen closet or wardrobe drawer until it's needed in any season. Colourful ones also add a nice pop to your bedroom.

      Coverlet: Similar to blankets, coverlets function as an additional layer of insulation. Nevertheless, these coverings are generally shorter than traditional bedspreads and are consistently employed as bed toppers. They can also serve as decorative accents positioned at the foot of your bed. Typically, they exhibit a lightweight construction and a smaller size than other types of covers.

      Throw: Perfect for added warmth and comfort, throws offer versatility, serving as cozy companions on the couch, in chairs, or as an extra layer of snugness atop the bed. Throws also excel as charming decorative accents.

      Pillow Shams and Pillowcases: Pillow shams and pillowcases have the dual functionality of protecting your bed pillows and tying your bed together aesthetically by coordinating colour and pattern with the bedding. Machine washable, luxuriously soft 300-thread count cotton makes for a plush, comfortable pillowcase to lay your head down on at night. Shams are typically a decorative touch for bedroom decor.

      Pillows: Our pillows come in a variety of styles and materials, from down-and-down alternative inserts to euro and standard sizes. Pillows should be covered in shams or pillowcases to protect them from sweat. Pillowcases can easily be laundered regularly, whereas pillows are washed less frequently.

      Pillow and Mattress Protector: A removable and washable cover designed to go over your pillow or mattress, providing a barrier between the pillow or mattress and your bedding.