Blankets, Coverlets & Throws

Keep warm and cozy with our blankets, coverlets, and throws. Featuring different fabrics, textures, and styles, find the perfect piece for your sleeping needs.


      Blanket: Perfect for an extra layer of comfort. Blankets can be used on top of your bed, or you can wrap yourself in them and dive into a world of softness. Blankets come In varying sizes and thicknesses.

      Coverlet: Like blankets, coverlets are used as an extra insulation layer. However, this piece is usually shorter than other bedspreads and is always used as a bed topper. It can be placed as a decorative element at the foot of your bed. Typically, they are lightweight and smaller than other cover options.

      Throw: Excellent for additional warmth and comfort. Throws are versatile and can be used to cozy up on the couch, in a chair, or as an extra layer of warmth on the bed. Throws can also be a great decorative accent.