How to Build a Luxury Bed? The Ultimate Tips & Tricks

Looking to make a Pinterest-worthy luxury bed? Find out curated chic tips to recreate that five-star hotel bedroom. Whether for you or your guests, explore bedding that will elevate everyone's sleeping experience.

Have you ever wished you could take home that comfortable and dreamlike bed in that 5-star hotel? Surprise: there is no master secret to getting it. They rely on world-renowned bedding brands like Amalia Home Collection and Sferra with unmatched quality and many layers of comfort.

Dive into our article, where bedding experts demystify the art of designing opulent beds effortlessly in your home. Explore our tips and insights that will elevate your sleep space, bringing the luxury and comfort of a high-end hotel style right into your bedroom.

Premium Sheet Set

White Cotton Sateen Sheet Set, with a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and four pillowcases from St. Pierre.
Cotton-Sateen Platinum European Sheet Set, St. Pierre, from $370

Start from the basics: a cozy and sumptuous sheet set. From Summer to Winter, these layers of comfort are a must and will blend perfectly into your bedroom's decor. The trick is looking for bedding crafted from premium fibres such as Egyptian Cotton, known for its smooth touch, breathability, and softness (believe it or not, it gets softer with each wash). On the other hand, if you are a lover of that luxurious, silky touch, go for a Silk sheet set. At David’s Fine Linens, we have sheets to suit every need and decor. Just explore all our possibilities and find YOUR set.

For a real makeover, consider white sheets. Typically, these turn any space into a clean and fresh aesthetic, heightening the sense of luxury. If white seems dull, plain-coloured sheets will surely complement your bed and aura.

Achieving the perfect look also depends on how the sheets are laid. Ensure they are the right size for your bed and are securely tucked under the mattress. Fold the flat sheet over approximately 7 inches and tuck it in the sides for a pristine finish. For your fitted sheet, remember to measure the depth of your mattress to make sure your new sheet won’t stick out in the middle of the night.

Silky Pillowcases

A woman with light brown hair, smiling as she sleeps on a white mulberry silk pillowcase from St. Pierre.
Mulberry Silk Pillowcase, St. Pierre, $100

Apart from the pillows, which should be thick and offer a cloud-like sleep, the pillowcases are crucial for your sleep and bed decor. Protect your skin and hair while giving them more shine and vitality with the perfect fiber. Often, the secret to enviable skin and hair is here.

Mulberry Silk pillowcases are noted for their smooth texture and hypoallergenic properties, ensuring an easy and invigorating rest all night. Moreover, Silk is perfect for those who don't skip their skin care, as it doesn't absorb your creams and serums. Also, its gentle glow can be the luxury touch every bed needs. For queen-size or king-size beds, consider placing at least two pillows on each side to improve your comfort and create that hotel-like look.

Lavish Duvet Cover Set

White duvet cover set with a comforter cover, a grey stripe on its edges, and two pillowcases on a bed next to two side tables with a lamp.
Bergamo Duvet Cover Set, St. Pierre, from $800.

Elevate your bed’s coziness by mastering the art of layering, as this will create a warm atmosphere in your bedroom. Invest in a plush duvet paired with an exquisite duvet cover set and turn your bedroom into your sleep sanctuary.

For an elegant and timeless style, why not go for stripes in your duvet cover? This simple trick infuses a burst of colour into your bed while keeping sobriety and sophistication. Look for the comforting embrace of fibres like Cotton or Silk, ensuring a luxurious sleeping quality.

Expert tip: Leave your duvet a few inches longer on each side for a cozy, luxurious look.

Textured Coverlet

Grey Coverlet from Amalia Home Collection laid on a chair.
Aura Coverlet, Amalia Home Collection, from $500.

Finish off your luxury bed with an extra layer of comfort: a coverlet. Including a Cotton coverlet at the foot of the bed will keep your feet warm all night long while elevating your bedroom decor.

Moreover, coverlets are excellent for adding texture. Place it at the foot of the bed, but don't make it perfectly laid. Their charm lies in their relaxed style, lightly draped to create a beautifully rough yet welcoming look.

Refine the style of your bed with other subtle details like elegant bed skirts or plush throw pillows, tailoring the look to your unique preferences. These personal touches are what make your bed truly genuine.

Remember that good sleep is not a luxury but a need. Find the bedding that respects your needs and creates harmony with the atmosphere of your bedroom. Do you know of any additional tips for designing a luxurious bed?

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