Early Cozy Gifts Guide for the Holidays

Are you already thinking about treating your loved ones this Holiday season? Do it differently! Why not offer the gift of well-being and relaxing moments with our luxurious bedding and bath essentials?

The most important time of the year is coming up: the Holidays. At David’s Fine Linens, this season is about sharing love and raising a toast to life. But that’s not all! We know the best way to spread the love: offering the art of peaceful relaxation.

To relieve the stress of everyday life, we encourage you to forget the latest gadgets and fashion trends. Treat your family and friends with a truly R and R kit with bath and bed linen carefully woven by expert artisans. With this in mind, we’ve gathered the best relaxing gits curated by the best brands in the world. From St. Pierre to Graccioza and Frette, give your sweethearts the opportunity to experience the best rejuvenating sensations. Check out our suggestions for yourself.

Warm and Luxurious Bedding

Bed with high window at the back and white and yellow bed linen from Amalia Home Collection with cushions in the same shade.
Manthro Duvet Cover Set, Amalia Home Collection, from $650

Winter nights can be very unpleasant! So we are pretty sure that a bedding set would be a wonderful gift. Just double-check you know the size of the sleeper’s bed as well as the mattress, and you are sure to make a splash.

Choose warmer fabrics and prioritize natural fibres. For colder nights, Silk, Egyptian Cotton, Sateen, and Flannel are the best options. These fabrics do the magic of keeping you warm and cozy all night long without absorbing moisture. This property keeps dust mites and bacteria away. Thus, a baby’s night is ensured.

Take a look at our bestseller that will win over everyone, even those with persistent insomnia.

Beige Cotton Sateen Sheet Set, with a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillowcases from St. Pierre.
Cotton-Sateen Sheet Set, St. Pierre, from $260

Silky Dreams

What would be the icing on the cake for anyone who receives a luxury bedding set? A silk pillowcase. We all love glowing skin and hair. Well, that’s what our mulberry silk pillowcase offers! Its silk touch and fantastic anti-frizz properties revitalize the texture and shine of all hair and skin.

A woman with light brown hair, smiling and sleeping on a white mulberry silk pillowcase from St. Pierre.
Mulberry Silk Pillowcase, St. Pierre, $100

Relaxing Down Blanket

Coming home and having a blanket waiting for us is an otherworldly sensation! So, why not offer a stunning down blanket? Go the extra mile and offer a blanket to dress up your loved one’s bedroom or living room while lulling them into sleep.

When picking your gift, make sure it’s high-quality. You don’t want to wake up your favourite sleeper because they can’t sleep in the heat! Try to find a material that harmoniously balances insulation and breathability.

With you in mind, we’ve selected the goose down with an Egyptian Cotton shell by St. Pierre. Check it out for yourself and surrender:

Bedroom with green walls, two bedside tables, a bed with a pink down blanket, two white and two gray pillows.
Down Blanket, St. Pierre, $239

At-home SPA Experience

You know that person who loves to relax? We have the perfect gift for them. Towels and bath mats that wrap anyone in the most relaxing and invigorating sensations.

Set the perfect atmosphere by matching the Abyss Habidecor bath towel and the elegant, marble-patterned Graccioza bath rug. Crafted from the purest Egyptian Cotton and the finest Cotton, these pieces are incredibly soft, absorbent, and quick-drying. The best part? The long staple fibres ensure that this bath linen lasts a lifetime.

Marble-patterned bath rug and towels in the same hue on a wall overlooking the sky.
Mabel Bath Rug, Graccioza, $239

Extra tip: if you want, add a scented candle to your wrapping. This will create the perfect setting.

Waffle Bathrobe

Perfectly complement your precious loved one's spa experience with St. Pierre's wonderful waffle bathrobe. Made from 100% Cotton, this bathrobe is a must-have in any bathroom kit. Light and soft, this bath essential completely transforms anyone's bathing routine.

White St. Pierre bathrobe folded with the label on the wooden floor.
SPA Waffle Bathrobe, St. Pierre, $86

What do you think of our suggestions? We hope we've inspired you! However, we'd like to leave you a message: enjoy this season with your loved ones and celebrate life together! There's no gift more special than this!

Let us know in the comments below if you've already received a gift of this kind or if we've forgotten something essential.

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