6 Items to Create a Cozy Room with Fall Bedding

Ready to wind down? Discover six warm bedding sets, duvet covers, coverlets, and more items you need to put together the perfect homely bed.

When the temperatures start to drop, it's time to get your bedroom ready for next season. Keep warm with our selection of fabrics and designs that will make your bed extra cozy as we head into the coldest months of the year.

Enhance your bed with fall bedding, including duvets, coverlets, bed sheets, and more swaps to keep you comfortable.

St. Genève Genuine Eiderdown Duvet – $7,450.00

bedroom with white curtains, bedside tables, lamps and a white bed with a down duvet

Your duvet is the very core of falling into a restful sleep. The best duvets to snuggle under at bedtime are filled with down, a specific kind of feather duvet that only uses fluffier and lighter down feathers. After trying them out, you may never want to leave your bed!

A duvet is a superb alternative to your typical comforter. It is easily washable, and you can change covers now and then to keep up with your taste. Our suggestion is the down-filled duvet from St. Genève, the ultimate combination of luxury and function.

Extremely lightweight and breathable, its filling is hand-collected from wild Eider habitats in a wildlife sanctuary on the St. Lawrence River in Quebec. The St. Genève Genuine Eiderdown Duvet includes a certificate of authenticity.

  • Material: 700+ Loft Down
  • Colours: Available in White
  • Manufacturing: Made in Canada, Woven in Germany
  • Sizing: Twin, Queen, King
  • Return Policy: 14 days

SFERRA Borsetto Duvet Cover – $1,210.00

front view of the bed in grey tones with lots of pillows, a duvet and a blanket at the foot of the bed

A good night’s sleep begins with your bedding. As evenings get colder, it would be a good idea to switch your duvet cover to another, more transitional season appropriate. Besides protecting your duvet from wear and tear, stains, and dust, swapping the cover can effortlessly transform your space.

Our luxury duvet covers come in various materials and colours to suit your sleep preferences and personal style, such as this one from SFERRA. Made in Italy, Borsetto is woven from a yarn-dyed, sateen jacquard finishing with a minimalist tartan motif.

Made from comfy but breathable materials that allow airflow, it not only adds an attractive design element to your bed but also keeps you tucked up without overheating, helping you get the much-needed rest your body requires.

  • Fabric composition: 100% Long-staple cotton
  • Colours: Available in tartan
  • Manufacturing: Made in Italy
  • Sizing: Queen, King
  • Return Policy: 14 days

St. Pierre Estrela Flannel Sheet Set – $334.00

front view of the bed in grey tones with lots of pillows, a duvet and a blanket at the foot of the bed

Another way to stay cozy is to switch your standard cotton or linen bedding with a set of flannel sheets as your go-to winter bed sheets. They combine wool and cotton, producing a soft hand-feel and laid-back look.

Flannel is one of the most beloved fabrics for winter bedding. Even on the coldest nights, the ultra-soft yet breathable Estrela Flannel Sheet Set traps heat, providing a comforting sleeping environment all night.

These sumptuously smooth sheets are durable and wrinkle-free. They are also machine washable, and no ironing is required, so you can take them straight from the dryer to the bed, providing you with ease for everyday wear.

  • Fabric composition: 100% Cotton Flannel
  • Colours: Available in White, Sky Blue, Lilac, Taupe
  • Manufacturing: Made in Portugal
  • Sizing: Queen, King
  • Return Policy: 14 days

Amalia Home Collection Tamara Coverlet – $575.00

blue coverlet on a chair with a wooden ladder behind and a lamp turned on

Great for chilly nights, a coverlet offers an extra layer of coziness you can add or take off as you need. If you tend to run hot, we would recommend simply dressing your bed for fall and keeping it folded at the foot of the bed.

Add a touch of personality to your room with the snuggly fabric of the Amalia Tamara Coverlet. Its soothing colours and stylish appearance pair beautifully with the previously mentioned luxury bedding sets.

  • Fabric composition: Jacquard 100% Cotton
  • Colours: Available in White, Blue
  • Manufacturing: Made in Portugal
  • Sizing: Queen, King
  • Return Policy: 14 days

St. Pierre Exotic Faux Fur Throw – $195.00

faux fur throw blanket in shades of brown spread out on a sofa with the night outside the window

Layering textures will emphasize the pleasant atmosphere you’re after. For more of a classic touch, opt for wrapping yourself up in the luxurious feel of a faux fur throw blanket.

The St. Pierre Exotic Faux Fur Throw is artfully woven from finely spun yarns. Such luxury ornament recreates the natural feel of lush genuine fur without harming nature. It’s the perfect addition to the foot of the bed, an armchair, a sofa, or other piece of furniture.

  • Fabric composition: 100% Acrylic Carrier; 100% Polyester Lining
  • Colours: Available in Mink, Exotic, Linen
  • Manufacturing: Made in Portugal
  • Sizing: 60'' W X 50'' L
  • Return Policy: 14 days

Roberto Cavalli Bravo Bathrobe – $875.00

Luxurious leopard print bathrobe hanging at the wall of a luxury bathroom next to Spa hot stones

Get your 5-star room ready to welcome your guests overnight, or show yourself some self-care with a soothing velvety bathrobe to relax at the end of the day.

Unwind and create a sanctuary where you are surrounded by textures, patterns, and colors that you absolutely love. Make this cozy bathrobe by Roberto Cavalli part of your restful ambiance.

  • Fabric composition: 100% Cotton
  • Colours: Available in Leopard print
  • Manufacturing: Made in Italy
  • Sizing: Small / Medium
  • Return Policy: 14 days


At David’s Fine Linens, we are sure these comfortable options at a diversified range of price points and styles will help you sleep more soundly–time to light your fall-scented candles and stock up on all the long-lasting smoothness you need. Get in early and treat yourself!

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