The Difference between Egyptian Cotton™ and Regular Cotton

It’s no secret that Egyptian Cotton™ is the world’s finest. Yet you don't always know if you're getting the real deal. Keep reading to learn how to tell the difference between Egyptian Cotton™ vs. Regular Cotton.

When shopping for bed sheets, you can’t go wrong with 100 percent cotton. That said, finding quality sheets can be tricky, especially with so many bedding brands promising the best of the best.

Cotton sheets are indeed the most popular choice due to their absorbency, longevity, and so forth. Still, because not all cotton is equal, there are plenty of considerations to make. An all-time favorite for an uninterrupted night's sleep is pure Egyptian Cotton™ – typically used in high-end hotels.

Now you might be asking: could you actually tell the difference? If you're skeptical or unsure what truly sets Egyptian Cotton™ apart from the rest, we'll break them down and compare them for you in the following paragraphs.

Defining Cotton Quality

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St. Pierre Misurina Luxury Duvet Cover Set.

Why is Egyptian Cotton™ considered better than conventional cotton? First of all, the origin of the plant makes a real difference in the quality of the yarn. Egyptian Cotton™ and regular cotton come from completely different plants.

According to the Cotton Egypt Association, 100 percent Egyptian Cotton™ comes from a unique climate in Egypt, providing perfect growing conditions. Aside from the origin, we’ll explain the key factors that define the quality of cotton.

1. Fibre
Egyptian Cotton™ is known for its longer and finer fibres compared to others, resulting in the most exquisite fabrics. The extra-long staples are smaller in diameter than regular cotton and contribute to a more tightly woven fabric, superior texture, and strength.

2. Price
Cotton bedding is usually more expensive than other types. Egyptian Cotton™, for instance, is handpicked, whereas regular cotton is picked by a machine, which often results in tears. Hence, the fibres from Egyptian Cotton™ are straighter and less likely to be broken, also contributing to the softness of the yarns. Truth be told, there is a price to pay for everything.

Although regular cotton yarns can be cheaper because it’s quicker and less expensive to produce, bedding made with Egyptian Cotton™ has a level of manufacturing that takes a lot of skill and an outstanding quality control process. Higher quality also means an added cost.

3. Breathability
Some cotton bedding, such as those made with microfibre blends, tend to make you sweat while you sleep. By contrast, Egyptian Cotton™ sheets are highly breathable, lighter, and more absorbent, helping you regulate body temperature and feel fresh the next day.

4. Look and Feel
If you wish to bring an hotel-quality feel to your home, Egyptian Cotton™ bed sheets give a splendid and royal look to your bed. Exceptionally soft, it’s hard to beat its comfort. Another point to note is the material’s ability to better hold brighter colors no matter how many times they go through the wash. Other cotton-type fabrics fail to provide this look and silky feel.

5. Durability
As addressed above, the hand-picking harvesting technique of Egyptian Cotton™ turns the process of handling the fibres more delicate. As less stress is placed on the fibres, it reduces the risk of splicing. Instead, when regular cotton is picked by a machine, it results in a weaker yarn that splices as more stress is placed.

Comparing longevity, Egyptian Cotton™ will last you much longer than regular cotton bedding mainly because the fibre is stronger, so it can easily endure frequent washing. Regular cotton bed sheets might start to wrinkle and break down a lot sooner, while the softer Egyptian threads keep their luxurious form.

6. Authenticity & Traceability
You want to ensure you’re getting what you pay for. The most definitive confirmation that you are buying something genuine is the certification, which can be identified by a label on the packaging.

With so many options, you'll want to find an accredited retailer of authentic Egyptian Cotton™. To align with that, Cotton Egypt Association has even introduced an innovative DNA test, which can conclusively sort the phoney from the real ones, besides performing audits on the manufacturers.

And the Award Goes to…

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Amalia Home Collection Elo Sheet Set.

In the end, is Egyptian Cotton™ better than regular cotton? Although bedding is a personal choice, Egyptian Cotton™ has undeniably proven its five-star reputation. While these sheets are slightly more expensive, they will fare much better over time.

If you’re looking to create a luxury bed with the best Egyptian Cotton™ sheets in Canada, our top pick at David's Fine Linens is "Elo" from Amalia Home Collection, which comes with an interlacing embroidery pattern (perfect for pairing with a matching duvet cover set).

We hope you found this comparison helpful. If you need further assistance, feel free to contact our Customer Service team at

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